Autumn is on its way and the weather has been amazing am still picking lovely tender runner beans and my amazing zucchini.

The grapes are ripponing too tasted one this morning and they taste really good. The garden is looking really lush, due to the rain that we’ve had the last couple days. One can already see signs of a change in season my maple trees already has that rusty tinge.

On my walk this morning still very mild, and the countryside looks so alive the trees has that look, a change in the weather is imminent. I love spring but I think that Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.

Sun surprise

The garden is still looking amazing. After weeks of grey days it’s so nice to see the sun rays bathing my garden. The plants that were looking sad stood to attention as if they were shocked into life again.

With this spurt of warmth am hopping that my chillies we’ll Rippon am keeping my fingers crossed 🤞

Jaylee walked with me

Walking this week has been very little with one thing or another I just have lost my way. So today having my little darling with me decided that we were going for a wander.

Camera in hand we walk down the road, lucky for us the countryside is right by our fingertips it was such a pleasure to see how much my little darling was loving taking photos she wanted to fotograph everything on sight every blade of grace.

Hope that she gets to love the countryside as much as I do.

Walk by the lake.

Had my walk this morning! The countryside looked all lit up with the ragwort. Walking through the footpath the rabbits dashing across the fields and the harvester waiting. The countryside with its golden colours always look amazing.

On the way I’ve cut across to the lake where the swans were peacefuly swimming did not see any signs of their 1 surviving cygnet. Such a shame they have not been lucky of late. A few years ago I remember taking photos of their little troop.

Growing season

Garden this summer has been generous although due to all the wet we have lost most of the tomatoes. Plenty runner beans. And the courgette has been plenty although some of them has been a little on the odd side but my little darling loves them.

Last year we had a good crop of chillies don’t think this year is going to be that good, plants are growing but chillies are only now showing. We are now in August and the garden still looks amazing.

Holy Trinity Church

I have walked past this little Church so many times and have photographed it so often. Through the seasons come rain snow or sunshine it always looks amazing, and I always feel obliged to stop and take a walk through the grounds.

Bradwell’s holy trinity Church is believed to be Medieval…. It seats in a small village and parish on the South Side of Blackwater river 2 1/2 miles West of Coggeshall and 3 miles of Braintree.


It had been many years since Hubby and I visited this area. In the seventies when we were setting up home in Maldon I was pregnant with my first child and times were hard we had bought our house but money was short and we had to buy each item of furniture a piece at the time.

On one of our outings we came across Battlesbridge and we spent hours there looking through the antique center’s, I think that’s when my love for antiquities started. we had not much money but i fell in love with this display cabinet and asked my husband can we get this? And bless him he did buy it for us our first piece of furniture for our seating room it was to be a while since we could buy another bit of furniture that cabinet cost us 150 pounds.

So many years later we take a trip down memory lane and find ourselves back at Battlesbridge the antique center’s still there and we did have a look around just like when we first went there all those years ago, it was a beautiful sunny day. Took lots of photographs when we got back home I’ve decided to look it up since I did not know much about its history.

The old mill

Battlesbridge is a conservation area a village in the Parish of Rettendon it is a Suburb of the town Wickford. The village straddles the river Crouch south-west of Chelmsford. It takes its name from the Battaille family it is mentioned in a 1351 document as the settlement of Battlesbridge. Amazing what one can find out this day’s with this amazing technology that with just a click you can read just about anything….

The countryside

The countryside is where I live and there is no better place that I’d rather be. Stepping out my front door walking in any direction and I find myself amongst crop fields.

Walking through the footpaths, one is never disappointed, there is always something to see a dainty little flower, a colourful hedge,a deer or muntjac and hare’s taking flight as they spot us.

Bee orchid

I feel so privileged to be able to roam the countryside no need for a car just step out and you’ll be surrounded by nature.

My friend and I walk all the year round, we are lucky enough to witness the waking of each season. The woods looking so colourful with the leaf fall like walking on a golden carpet .

Winter cold wet or even snow but then we have spring the trees getting their green clothing and the hedges unfurling their buds, dog roses adorning the footpaths stretching their arms far and wide. The miracle of nature never ceases to amaze me. Ah better not forget summer! Hot days working in the garden sowing planting… lots of hard work but we’ll worthed.

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