Having caught Covid on our first week has put a damper on our arrival. But now having recovered am hoping that the fun will start. Yesterday we went to Machico to meet our dear friends Ilda and Jaime they also have arrived from Canada.

Now looking forward to the arrival of my cousin she too lives in England she’ll be arriving on Friday last time we all got together was 4 years ago it’ll be nice for us to be together once again.

Jaime is originally from Machico and his Wife Ilda is from the Açores it was lovely meeting them once again! We had poncha and hubby drove us to the next village for lunch. Now looking forward to the next outing.


Arrived in Madeira nearly two weeks now! Did a crossover to Porto Santo then back to Madeira. Not a good idea going to Porto Santo we left not knowing that we were bringing with us a stowaway!

Porto Santo

On Wednesday woken up with a bad head and sore throat! Hubby also was complaining that he had a sore throat thinking that we just had a cold! but not feeling any better we decide to do a test and then discover that we had contracted the dreaded covid.

It is so annoying that at home in England when we managed to keep safe for nearly three years!

Only to find me here in my homeland this horrid covid albeit mild, but it still managed to find me. It goes to show that sooner or later we will all be getting it.

A little bit of history

For many years I have passed by this old house and thinking what a shame it must’ve been a grand house at one time. Found out today that it was called Solar do Agrela and the building facing the sea is Forte dos Reis magos.

Solar do Agrela

So much history right under my nose. Caniço had various fortes the one in Atalaia forte Sao Sebastiao and the forte of Reis Magos. This forte was contracted in 1567 as a view point to safe guard ataques from pirates

At long last something is happening and restauration is in progress. I always wanted to have a closer look and today on my way back from my morning walk met up with my friend Duarte and was telling him that I’d love to have a look inside. He asks the stone masonry if we could have a closer look.

What an amazing job although still a long way to go, they found out as they were removing the ruble that at one time it had a church within. When you walk to the promenade you will see as it takes shape.

Porto Santo

We arrived in Funchal on Friday and on Saturday we took the ferry to Porto Santo is has been many years since my last visit. It has become very popular over the years, awalys wanted to come over again and this time we’ve decided to jump on the ferry!

Ferry to Porto Santo

What a surprise! For sure it has changed still the same beautiful golden sand beach but a lot more busier. The island always has been a favourite and affordable holiday for the Madeiran people. But not anymore it seems that the rest of the world discovered it also.

The beach

We were lucky that friends were here on holiday and took us round the island so nice to visit the North side. Then back to the beach for a swim unfortunately I got a little sunburnt that’ll teach me for not taking care.

North side

A visit to Finchingfield village

Finchingfield is a village in the district of Braintree in North West of Essex in a rural area dating back to the Doomsday book of 1086 where it appears as Finchingfield a name that means field of Finc. The village was a official stop for horse coaches travelling from London to Norwich.

Finchingfield Braintree district and 54miles from London and close to Constable Country. There is many interesting buildings to be seen! The Guildhall was built in the 1500 and was used as schoolhouse. Dodge Smith the writer of 101 Dalmatians once owned the round house cottage where you’ll find a blue plaque stating the fact.

Also have read that there was a settlement in Finchingfield since historical records of the area began, also a strong connection to a Roman villa.

It is said that it’s the most photographed village in England with colourful cottages duch pond and a green where you’ll find people relaxing and enjoying the peaceful scenery. Have visited twice but as yet have not managed to see inside of the mill!? Hopefully next time.

Platinum celebrations

Silver End Village celebrating platinum jubilee 2022….Queen Elizabeth a great Lady beautiful inside and out. 70 years a great achievement not likely to be seen for years to come.

Everyone in the community came out to enjoy and celebrate a great day, the sun was shining and the ladies at WI done a great job with a table loaded with yummy cakes, people coming and going and the cakes were quickly disappearing.

In the beautiful park music was playing the children enjoying the play ground and donky rides.. The set up tents selling sweets and other arty crafts. Everyone just chilling in all a village getting together to celebrate a great achievement.


Only now I feel my feet! My friends Paula Russel and I did a very long walk on Thursday to Pattiswick! We left our Village just before 7am walking through sheepcote Lane and followed the edge of the old airfield bypassing the quarry and crossing the new would be road to the incinerator that is going to be built, am sorry to say not far from our Village.

Field by sheepcote lane

We carried on to Cut Hedge Lane turning left unto watery lane wood passing by the beautiful Bradwell Church and walking through Bradwell Village. Crossing the road and the bridge over black water river and turning left after the bridge unto footpath to Pattiswick.

Bradwell Church

The open countryside looked and felt so peaceful! All we could hear was the birds . Being a bank holiday there was no building noise thanks to the Queen Elizabeth 70 years celebrations.

Bradwell across the fields

We take a few photos of a lovely Church that is now a private owned house. Now is time to head back to Silver end we take a different footpath that led us to Pattiswick Hall and following through the very green countryside and once again arrive into Bradwell.

Pattiswick Church now a private house

Cutting across to another footpath leading us to Glazenwood we then walk on Clapdog track and home. Arrived home dragging my feet. I must say was very tired but very happy too.


Walk the countryside

Am still enjoying walking, although these day’s my feet suffer a little. My friend Paula and I do enjoy a long walk and it’s exciting when we find a new footpath.

We always have our cameras with us it’s fun recording the changes of the seasons. We have noticed that insects has diminished we used to see lots more not that long ago I suppose farming is to blame with all the insecticide.

A country walk

Our walk this morning started well! The sun was shining brightly as we walked down sheepcote lane. As we take to the first footpath my friend says! Is that a hare? Of course it was not only a hare but two, then they take of and a muntjac appears by then am kicking myself as I had left my camera at home lol.

We walk on to watery lane thinking we could walk to the bridge, it had been sometime since we’ve been there, watery lane was named well it was so water logged that we had to abort the idea our boots were sinking in these boggy path. Perhaps we can try again another time.

On way back we go across to the quarry lake where the swans guard their spot not allowing the geese to enter. I suppose they are guarding their young.

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