Another day another walk.

We are very lucky with the weather at the moment…Am still walking but I do miss walking through the footpaths!

Road walking is mud free but not interesting. On Wednesday my Friend and I decided to take a chance we took to the footpath that lead to the white farm, that was a bad ideia came home exhausted but at least we had a good workout..

Walking into the past.

On Friday my friend Paula and I decided to revisit the Polish camp at the old Rivenhall airfield. The ground was still covered in snow and the hard ground made it easy to walk through the field.

We discovered it a few years ago on one of our long walks. It gives me goose bumps walking through this derelict huts. I can almost see in my minds eye the Polish soldiers coming and going the aeroplanes lifting of….one can only imagine the activity.

Their lifes on hold fighting for their freedom wondering if they ever were going to be able to go home or even survive. So much history in our Village and surrounding area.

Walking through the snow covered field to the Polish camp.
Polish camp
One of the derelict huts

Wet Sunday

Had every intention of doing a walk this morning, but looking out decided against it. I don’t mind a little rain but did not fancy being shaken about too! The forecast for today is rain strong winds and possibly snow.

Last week walked for the best part with good weather quite mild too. But today we have snow yes it has started to snow very fine at the moment. I Just love watching it fall. Oh well today is a day for being cosy in the warm with a cup of tea of even something a little stronger….

The joy of winter by a warm and cheery blaze. You can stay at home- and enjoy the blessings that so many hearts desire: a little corner of your own beside a cosy fire.

Footpath past the lake
Footpath to Perry Green
Way to the lake

Walking or not!

Today there won’t be any walking for me. Looking out it looks very grey and I think rain is on the offing..

Yesterday my friend Paula joined me, we walked towards the Cressing barns and we took the first footpath on the left before we got to the barns.

Very muddy and slippery one of the reasons why I have been walking on the road. But we carried on, passed the white farm and the paths weren’t getting any better at times we had flooding too!

Soon we got to the woods the trees looking so forlon with their roots in water but the moss,such a lovely colour of green as if someone went round with a paint brush.

Walking in lockdown

Still in lockdown and news still not good! I hate listening to the news it all sounds so bad all those people dying! When are we going to hear some good news?

While walking at least for a couple hours I feel relaxed the sound of the countryside is so soothing the bird song even the traffic that at one time disturbed the peaceful countryside but now it feels normal like life is happening…..But then I come home and the television is one and hubby is watching the news. Then it all comes crushing down people still dying and we are still living in uncertain times…Still in lockdown….for how long? Who knows!!!!

walking at Essex way

January usably finds me In Madeira….. But this year it was not to be! This horrible Covid still here and it seems that he wants to stay, so more staying at home…. mask wearing is a must, it feels as if one is dreaming or am watching a film. But when you wake up its not a film its reality that hits you first thing in the morning.

I’m so glad that I can still go walking, I feel so lucky that I can do that, living in the countryside is easy I can go out of my front door and walk down the road and straightway you’ll find a footpath that will take you through the countryside.

I like to go first thing in the morning, no one about and the fields and hedges still hold the overnight dew, everything looks fresh and shining my favorite time of the day. My last walk this week was on Saturday when we had a fall of snow very cold but I just love walking in the snow, shame it was so very little….

Strange January

This time of the year am usually in Madeira’s warmer climate so its a little strange being here roaming the Essex countryside instead. This morning I just could not settle woken up much to early, looking out looks like we have frost, in my Island they have been having a bit of a hard time with heavy rain and floods so perhaps am better of here.

Am hopping that things will improve and that we get through this terrible disease that is so virulent through the world I feel like screaming at times, when I hear how stupid some people are, I too miss my family but I don’t go out unless I need to!

It is hard not having my girls visiting. My husband and I celebrated our golden wedding on our own and I felt like crying it felt so strange not being able to celebrate with the family and friends lets hope this vaccine gets going and we receive our jabs.

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