Frosted mornings

We are now into May and still walking up to frosty mornings my plants in the greenhouse are getting leggy. the weather forecast says at the weekend there is a change in temperature feeling hopeful that at long last ill be able to plant them out! fingers crossed.

Still been going on my walks. Yesterday walked on my own again, my friend has been nursing a bad blistered heel that happen on our last long walk a bad day I suppose to be breaking in new walking boots! But today she’ll be joining me for our walk much nicer walking with company I hope she’s going to be ok.

The countryside still looks amazing the hedge rows are looking good with the crab apple pink flowers, the stitchwort dainty white flowers complements the pink of the crab apple. Yesterday I had a lovely surprise too! Was walking alongside the quarry when I spot a couple pheasants their bright colors looked amazing in the sunshine, was so concentrated on them that I nearly missed the muntjack that was there looking at me, so quickly I managed to take a few photos while he stood there as if he was happy to pose for me.

Carried on and the hare’s were running about as usual stopped by the lake it looked lovely with the blue sky reflected in the water. The bluebell wood in watery lane still looked wonderful with the bluebells standing up straight pointing at the sky, in all it was quite an eventful walk came home feeling very happy.

Please excuse the grammar but I am learning…..

Promise of rain.

The rain has made an attempt but not with great success! It arrived last night with a rage but not much substance, my water buts are still empty but the wind still going strong throwing my flower pots about, my poor camellia and Japanese maple are thrown to the ground with not much thought for its beauty.

Japanese maple thrown to the ground

My banana plants were covered but the wind removed their winter coats. On checking the winter damage this morning looks like that I have lost the smaller plant but the larger plant looks like its a surviver and going to be ok.

Winter damage banana plant

Am still hoping that we’ll get some rain today the ground is so dry, so unusual at this time of the year fingers crossed.

Plants in waiting

A new footpath

On Friday my friend Paula and I decided that it was time to find a new footpath. Our village very soon will be a town, what with all the new housing and all! Very soon we’ll be running out of our usual footpaths. We walk to watery lane wood, where the bluebells are in bloom of course we had to take a few pics.

So we decide to take the Coggeshall road when we spot a few roe deer’s as you expect we had to stop to admire the beautiful creatures and yes take some pics too! Time to carry on when we find a footpath on the right hand side of the road and surprise ourselves when we realize that we are on the other side of the quarry.

The fields were like a beacon of gold with the rape oil seed flowers, we pass the allshot scrapyard and kept going, the banks of the footpath were covered in bluebells and the tinny white flowers of stitchwort! The sun was shining and throwing its shadow along the footpath. after a while we realize that we should’ve taken the previous footpath otherwise we would be mils away from were we should be.

So we turn back to the allshot scrapyard and once again we are back on track so after 4 hours walking 20.725 footsteps we arrive home with very sore feet but very happy with our new find.


April has been a month of little rain but load of frosts, this time last year I was already putting bedding plants down and my Daturas were already budding up! But this year it has been frost upon frost and my bedding plants are still waiting patiently in the greenhouse. And have my banana plants still wrapped up too.

My camellias were covered in flower but did not have a chance to open the flowers properly what with the cold nights, poor things just got burnt and dropped off the flowers were very small too! I have started feeding them and have noticed that some of the flowers are looking a little better perhaps all they needed was a good feed.

I surprised myself this morning, woken up at 7am it has been a long time since i have slept this much. Usually my friend and I are roaming the countryside by 6 or 7am…. If it wasn’t for my walks I’d pulling my hair with desperation, the countryside this time of the year even with the frosts has been looking amazing. The hedges with the hawthorn in flower the dandelion like a beacon of light and the cowslips, primroses, and the bluebells too have come to say hello.

Find that cottage.

At the weekend on our village fb page, someone posted about an old cottage by the old Polish camp site that had been uncovered after it had been cleared from brambles. So Monday my friend tells me we are going to go have a look at this old house.

When we get there we find that it has a fence round it, but it did not deter us we did manage to have a closer look. It looked quite dilapidated at one time it was covered by ivy, don’t think that’s very old though! Our walks are never boring my friend Paula Readman is a writer am sure she’ll find a place for this old house in her next book.

On our way back walking through the footpath by the woods we discovered another bluebell wood. Like I said before our walks are never boring.


Am running out of ideas I do my walks,cook breakfast for hubby clean the house cook dinner and do a little gardening potting up or trying to since I have run out of flower pots. I did ask my neighbour if he had any empty flower pots that he did not need in desperation.

Today it’s going to be something of the same minus the walk. I have been awake since 4am I can feel that it’s going to be a long day. Another day of being at home doing the same old tasks if it wasn’t for my garden I’d be screaming…

Feeling sorry for myself! Yes I am, I want my life back I want once again to be surrounded by my family and friends I need hugs….

This year I should’ve have celebrated my gold wedding anniversary and my 70th but there was no family gatherings just hubby and I felt like crying but I suppose I should be grateful that we have so far been OK. Thank goodness that the lockdown has been slightly lifted… I can see that little light at the end of the tunnel…..walking through the countrywide on lockdown has kept me sane.

Periwinkle (vinca minor)

The bright purple flowers that grows in the wood and banks on the side of the road brightens the countryside sprawling far and wide covering the ground it roots itself to produce flowering stems.

I have read that in medieval England garlands of periwinkles were sometimes worn by people about to be executed it was believed that it was a symbol of immortality. There is many beliefs regarding the periwinkle plant, like if husband and wife eat the leaves together, it will strengthen their love.

It is believed that the lesser periwinkle was introduced to Britain from the Continent, and its presence was recorded far back as the 16th century. I must say I am originally from the island of Madeira well known for its flora but I don’t remember seeing this pretty flower there.


Walking through the countryside at this time of the year, even with a thick mist one can spot the yellow of the dandelion though the grasses. I know that garderners hate the so called weed but at this time of the year it brightens the countryside! I for one think that this sun-like flower is beautiful it blooms early in the year when little else is on show.

Remember as a child picking the seed heads and blowing to the wind seeds like little parachuts and so helping the plant to desperse its seeds.

Have read on the readers digest that in the past dandelion drinks and broths were recommended for a variety of ailments, from jaundice to consumption. Apparently the leaves have a high content of vitamin A and C. I know that the leaves when young can be eaten in salads. I heard that wine can be made from the florets. And the roots when dried and ground could be used as a coffee substitute.

A weed yes but so much more.

Bluebell wood

Yesterday had a walk to Bradwell. Don’t normally walk at the weekend but after a restless night I needed to clear my head. So off I went on my lonesome walk on a very cold morning, the ground was covered in a heavy frost but the sun was up so it already felt worth coming on this early morning Saturday walk.

As I reached the little Bradwell Church. I just love this little church. So since I had come all this way I may as well have a look at the woods and see if the bluebells are out, I was not disappointed they are just starting to come through so beautiful and so fragile.

This beautiful plant covering woodlands with a thick carpet of deep blue in the springtime, bluebells are native only to lands fringing the Atlantic. On reading on William Turner refers to the bluebells as crowtoes; a common folk-name. The small white bulbs were used to make glue, the bulbs also contain starch which was used to stiffen the elaborate ruffles worn by gentlefolk in Elizabetham times.

Now days digging up bluebells is illegal, and recent scientific research has shown that it is the trampling down of the leaves by heavy footed sightseers that threatens the survival of the bluebel. The plant can survive without its flowers, but if the leaves are crushed it dies for the lack of food.


Looks like it’s going to be a nice day. Decided to have a rest today, after walking for the past three days my feet needs a rest so today is going to be spent in the garden taking it easy, potting up my many seedlings.

For the past couple years I just don’t know what am doing wrong! Been sowing salads and other vegetables and nothing germinate.

So this year I did an experiment instead of placing the seeds in soil I placed them in a wet kitchen paper towel and placed another on top stored it all in a plastic container and it worked the tomato and chilli pepper germinated a treat, and the salads too are having the same treatment. Feeling happy.

Placed the wet tissue with the germinated chilly seeds in soil am so happy.

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