My Madeira

The seas has calmed down now! Still a little windy but much calmer. On Friday I did go to the market and came home loaded with vegetables also bought fish nothing tastes better than freshly caught fish.

It has been so relaxing been catching up on my reading. In the morning I go for my morning walk either down to the promenade or inland. Then, come home make breaky tidy up a little then get my book and just relax! The old boy doesn’t understand how I can just seat and read for hours.

Well today I’ll be going into Funchal with the old boy. I’ll be seing my little brother too! Then I’ll go for a wander, just love walking through the municipal gardens with my camera so much to see.

My island

It has been one week since our arrivel in Madeira! The weather has been a mixture of sunshine with a little rain thrown in. We arrived to a glorious sunny day. Saturday too was lovely but by Sunday things changed somewhat! We’ve been having tumultuous seas the foaming waves hitting the rocks its so awesome I could seat and watch it for hours.

I have walked round the area for the past few days, in Madeira there are lots of steps you either go up or down with bits of flat road so that you can even your breathing for a little while! Today I’ll be going to Funchal it’s market day and I’ll be stocking up with vegetables and fruit. Its on Friday when the local farmers come to town to sell their produce.

The homeland

Here I find myself at my Island my Madeira….It has been a long time since my last visit due to this horrible virus we kept away, but now that we are here am thinking why was I so worried? It feels quite safe here, I feel safe!

The promenade in Canico de Baixo

We arrived to glorious sunshine then on Sunday th weather changed somewhat! Due to that Tonga Vulcano were going through the tail end of that eruption with rough seas but it’s easing up now.

Sunrise at Reis Magos

So far I have done two walks one down to the promenade were I’ve seen a beautiful sunrise and another walk in a different direction as always I have my camera with me clicking left right and centre of course on my second walk it was a little wet and slightly misty. Now looking forward to the next walk.

Sea mist in Canico


Surprisingly Christmas and New year here

in the UK we had mild weather but now the cold weather has arrived..This morning my friend Paula and I had a rather cold walk the ground was still hard from the night frost. Even though it was cold but it was so nice to be out in the fresh air.

We’ve walked for 2 hours in tottal 11.343 steps even with the cold it was great to be out in the fresh air.

Same old same old

Here we are 2022 and two years have gone by and Covid still persists, and it has no intention of moving on! We are still living through this nightmare like a film in slow motion.

Christmas was a very quiet affair. We did have food and drink but not much laughter it all felt a little flat not much joy to be had! Even hubby who is the loudest was very quiet.

Living in a small village does help we have no crowds and the countryside is clove by, most mornings I go for a walk just down the road one can follow the many footpaths that we are lucky to have close by. I can walk for miles and Hardy see anyone, I find myself relaxing and for a few hours one can almost forget that our world is being devastated by a silent enemy.

We are thinking of going to the old Homeland it has been a while since my last visit. Let’s hope this virus will slow down so that we can go visit the Island where I was born.


I have reached the end of 2021 so far without catching this 21th century plague. There was I thinking that by the end of the year we would’ve been in a better place, but it was not to be, covid19 or whatever you want to call it is sill going and it has no intention of slowing down.

It it wasn’t for my walks I would’ve had a breakdown, sometimes I feel like screaming. I am so hopping that 2022 will bring good news.


This has been a terrible year! What with Covid at our door, trying to keep safe has been exhausting. Practically two years down the road and this 21th century plague does not want to go away. And once again it’s Christmas but Covid 19 still persists, we will try to enjoy another day with my family let’s hope that we’ll be safe.

Merry Christmas to you all

My life my dreams

Christmas was and still is a magical time for me. In a house full of laughter my loving parents did not have an easy life but they did well…. In my minds eye I can still feel the love that they had for each other. Then one day we get terrible news my brother was in a car accident it was a nightmare, he was only 15 years old a big cloud descends on our house my poor Dad was in despair the music and laughter stopped. But my brother was very lucky after being operated on and a long recovery he was once again back at home and again the house vibrated with the sound of music my Dad was back to his normal self and our family was happy again.

It’s always at Christmas that I get this memories. Like when my older sisters immigrated to England I must’ve been about 12 years old, my Dad felt so sad that we could not spend Christmas like we used to having the family round the dinner table. He had this ideia of sending to his girls a token of our Christmas lunch. So he takes the lunch to the canning factory and gets them to can it! His happy now his daughters will be able to share our Christmas lunch.

My life my dreams

Woken up at an ungodly hour as per usual. Memories of growing up in my Island flashing by like a movie! I get up look at the clock and it’s not even 5am the street lights are still not on. So leaving Hubby sleeping like a baby, thought better get up before I woken him up with my tossing and turning. Came downstairs and I’ve been trying to put it down on paper, not easy for me to express the thoughts that floats around in my head but here it goes my Memories of growing up in a small Island in the middle of the Atlantic.

We were a rather large family not rich but then again not poor! We lived up a hill our house was surrounded by sugar cane we also grew various fruits. My Dad went out to work and my Mum looked after the house with 8 children’s to look after am sure it wouldn’t have been easy she also had two elderly parents to look after but bless my Mum she did it all just like a fairy godmother as if she hand a wand and it was all done.

I was sort of middlish child above me was three sisters and 1 brother and after me another sister and two brothers. Our house was a lively one I remember quite vividly the music! When we were young we really lived a charmed life our childhood was full of fun and music. Our wonderful Dad was a man full of life he loved his music he really was a musician at heart he played the trombone, and we always had an orchestra at the drop of a hat. Remember when after dinner my beautiful fun loving Dad used to seat us round the dinner table and we made music!

For instruments we used our voices each of us had to make the sound of an instrument and of course we had the saucepans lids a symbols the bottoms as drums and Dad was the Maestro he conducted and we all played our instruments oh my goodness I can still hear the laughter it was so much fun. We played and my Dad conducted with great enthusiasm. Oh dear I can hear in my head my poor overked Mama begging us to stop the noise because she could not think for all the noise. Ah so many lovely memories of a charmed childhood in our little corner of paradise. My Island In the middle of the Atlantic. My Madeira.

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