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10 miles

Yesterday my friend and I did a ten mile walk to the next Village. Coggeshall is a small village with big history.

We had walked to Coggeshall three weeks ago! we were looking for the Abbey, but unfortunately we took the wrong turn and missed it altogether so we decided to have another go!

Footpath to Coggeshall

Coggeshall Abbey was founded in 1140 by King Stephen of England and Matilda of boulougne one of the earliest medieval uses of brick in England.

The Coggeshall Abbey

The Abbey was founded for monks savigniac order at Coggeshall. One of the smaller monastic orders in England but it did not last long. It collapsed in 1147 and soon became the more powerful Cistercian order in 1148

ST Nicholas Chapel

We were so excited to have got there this time and having found this quaint little Chapel. Unfortunately we could not see the Abby it’s now a private house but I did have a cheeky look.

The Abbey

Open countryside

The countryside is there for all of us to enjoy. My friend and I walk through our Village and into the countryside, that we are fortunate to have by our doorstep.

The footpath by the old airfield no longer used

This week the weather has improved with lovely weather, sunshine and blue skies. Unlike last week when we decided to have a long walk to the village of Coggeshall It rained all the way.

Coggeshall village

But it was worth braving it out, we found a new footpath with a very old metal bridge that led us into the Coggeshall village even though we had to trudge through muddy fields.

Nuns Bridge

Full circle

Today decided to walk early. Left the house at 5.30am walking to sheepcote Lane… This time walked on the road, the footpaths were much to wet.

The sun was trying to come out, and the sky’s looked awesome. I carried on walking to Bradwell Church! took a few photographs as I always do, of this historic church.

It was built about 1000 years ago by the Norman French. The Manor of Bradwell, its name comes from a spring well that could drive a water mill. Its waters reached the river Blackwater, which was centred around the church.

The church Holly Trinity was thought to have been built for pilgrims on their way to Coggeshall Abbey. The chancel was rebuilt in 1340 and the porch added in the 14th century. During the civil war the church suffered some damage from Cromwell’s men.

I’ve googled all of this information…..I just love history.


Well the rain did come once again…. the garden looks fresh just like someone went there overnight and polished it.

Just love the smell after a good downfall. There is a freshness in the air, and the plants seem to stand tall, saluting a new day hopping for a little sunshine.

Let’s walk.

Walking the countryside keeps me sane. Living in a village I have the best of both worlds.

Walking down my street, I can go straight ahead and find various footpaths to choose from. Have walked same footpaths many times before! But with each changing season, there is always something different.

Like now! witnessing the trees unfurling the colourful hedgerows soon, we’ll have the dog rose spreading along the hedges. The bluebell woods definitely a magical time of the year.

Walking through a field and having a glimpse of a hare jumping in the distance, or roe deers it always gladens my heart to know that I have all of this right by my doorstep.

Follow that path

Today’s route. We headed towards the gravel pits following the footpaths to Bradwell watery lane. the scenery is quickly changing.

The new road for the incinerator is a blemish in the countryside. We cross the new road and follow the footpath that will lead us, unto the road that would take us to Coggeshall.

We turn right towards watery lane, and what a sight awaited us a blue carpet. A wonderful display of bluebells. What with the bluebells and the bird song it gave me goosebumps.

Back on track

Hard to believe that I had not walked through the countryside for two weeks now! I am glad to say I’m feeling a lot better and enjoying the countryside scenery once again.

Met up with my friend at seven. We walked down my road to our local park. The cherry trees in glorious blossom lit up the park.

Walking on we take the John Ray footpath bypassing the whitehead farm.

We walk on to the Tarecroft wood, where the bluebells are in flower. We keep hoping that we’ll come across the early purple orchids once again! But no such luck, it has been three years since our last sighting. They are so beautiful this photo was taken three years ago.

Home and away!

Been back in the UK for 6 weeks now! It has not been a very good start! Cold rain and more rain, if that was not enough I go and get sick!

For nearly two weeks I was stuck at home! No walking and feeling really miserable with head aches and sore throat.

Yesterday! my girls thought I needed cheering up, so they took me out. It was so nice to be out and about.

First walk

Arrived back 15 days now! And yesterday, my friend and I finally managed to get together for a walk.

We take the footpath by Bowers Lake following the trail bypassing the white farm. Very muddy underfoot! but with lovely sunshine.

Walking ahead, ending at tarecroft wood. Soon, we’ll have the blooming blue bells we were hoping to find the early purple orchid, but we had no luck with that.

It has been three years since we’ve last spotted an early purple, hopefully we’ll find them someday soon.