On Friday My friend Paula and I walked to the lakes it was bitter cold the ground covered in a sheet of frost looked so beautiful!

We took a few photos the sun was coming out shining through the trees, but we did not linger for very long it was so cold and my friend bless her feels the cold , so home we went snapping our cameras along the way .

Bowers lake

walk the countryside

Just had another walk, after 2 weeks of not walking due to a bad foot, it felt lovely to be able to be out doors again we had a heavy frost this morning but it did not feel that cold.

You can still see signs of Autumn some leaves still hanging on to the branches. Walking through the footpaths with the mist making it feel so magical.

Misty mornings

For the past few morning have been walking with a limp, the mornings are getting colder now, with frost and mist very atmospheric I must say. This morning looks amazing with a thick fog so am here thinking should I go walking? Or perhaps rest my foot.

Walking through the footpaths lifts my spirits walking through the seasons and witnessing the changes the hedges and trees shedding their leaf’s, even in the winter the countryside still looks inviting. Of course one looks forward to spring with the hedges coming alive stretching their branches far and wide dog roses everywhere and the fungi too I never cease to be amazed by nature.

A walk in Autumn

With all the Autumn rain, walking can be quite hazardous slipping and sliding with all the clogging mud that we collect along the way with every step that we take, getting harder to lift our boots.

But it does not deter us from pushing ahead looking for that illusive Roe deer or hare or anything that we are lucky to glimpse.

My friend Paula and I walk through the seasons we love witnessing the changes from one season to another always a miracle waiting to happen, I must say Autumn is one of my favorite seasons the colors on the hedges and the golden carpet under foot is so magical.

Some pics of the Essex footpaths, Roe deer and amazing countryside.

Roe deer
one of many footpaths

Ginger lily

Have Brought this lovely scented plant ginger lily, from my Island in the middle of the Atlantic my Madeira, where it grows so freely…. did not think that it would survive in our English climate! That was about 7 ago and am so happy that it has done so well even when we have the hard frosts.

The Daturas also have done well this time of the year I usually put them away snuggled up in the shed for the winter but they are still out and flowering. We had such an amazing summer, Autumn has been wet but with the mild temperatures that we are having I have kept them outside longer. This year am leaving the banana plants out too, I used to have them in pots but this year decided to plant them in the ground so fingers crossed that they’ll survive the winter I have already chopped all the leaves and wrapped in fleece ready for the winter fingers crossed.

I just could not live without my garden it keeps me sane, specially now with all this terrible Virus that we are all living in a nightmare, i miss my family.

Musa banana plants

Working in the garden

Today spent best part of the day working in the garden loads to do, after the rain last night the garden was littered with leaves my Japanese acers look quite naked, such a shame they looked so beautiful with its Autumn colors filled two bags with the fallen leaves.

Next will be putting the plants to bed for the winter! Already lined the green house with fleece then it’ll be only a question of filling the green house and hope for the best.

My Daturas still flowering am leaving them outside for the moment they look so lovely it’ll be a shame to lock them away, am hopping they’ll be ok for another week or so before I’ll have to put them to bed too for the winter….

No walking for today.

Woken up at 4am reached across and switched the bedside lamp! Nothing happen, the light bulb must be broken so I get up and switch the television on I don’t normally watch television in bed, but it was a little too early to get up lol looks like we had a power cut! Came downstairs was surprised to see that I had light in the landing so it must’ve been an indoor failure checked the controls and noticed that one of them had tripped flicked it back on but it just wasn’t going to happen.

I started to panic I had electricity but not on the sockets I could see all the food in the freezes going to waste I’ve messaged a couple of people for the number of an electrician, phoned two but they could only come round in a few days that was no good, by then I would’ve a lot of food defrosted, The only other person I could think that would help was our builder he did our extension and he only lives a couple doors down from us best thing I did bless him he sorted it for me.

So today I did not have my walk but I did not waste time I worked in the garden instead, lets hope tomorrow will be a better day

Am new to WordPress

After our walk this morning my friend Paula decided that I needed a focus! So she introduced me to WordPress. Am hopping from now on I’ll be able to tell you or even show you where we go for our walks. Also am a keen gardener with Hubby’s help we grow a few veggies and lots of herbs….Cooking is another one of my hobbies well I say hobbies but one must eat so its a necessity rather than a hobby.

This is one my photos

After leaving Paula, I stopped by the co-op shop and then heading home I walked through our local park. As you can see the colors of Autumn were just amazing.

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