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Time for goodbye

Hard to believe that my friend Collette is going back home tomorrow! One week is not long enough, but it was really lovely, just the same.

We had enough excitement! We’ve meandered in Funchal and sat in the gardens, my favourite place to seat and enjoy a coffee and yummy custard tart… surrounded by flowers.

Today our last day together! We visited the Botanic Gardens just love this Gardens with the most amazing views of the harbour.

To end the day! We went out to dinner, and afterwards, we walked to the bar Rodrigues for after dinner coffee and local poncha. In all, we had an amazing day with a great friend.

Still in Madeira

My friend Collette arrived on Friday so lovely to have her company.

This morning, we had a brisk walk down by the seafront it was fresh, but we soon warmed up.

After breakfast! We climb into hubby’s car, and off we go to Funchal, where we stop at the Municipal Gardens for a coffee and one of the delicious custard tarte.

Then we just meandered to another park where we could see the cruise ships on the docks. Then back we go to the first garden for a little snack and glass of Vino…


Yesterday arranged to meet up with a couple of friends. I’ve arrived a little early, so I went for a little walk and ended up by this park, not far from where I used to live. Wasn’t even sure if it was open to the public!

It was, and I’ve spent an amazing half hour walking through the luscious footpaths with an array of colours so peaceful too!


This morning, I had a walk down at the promenade. It was a little chilly due to the wind! But after a while, I soon warmed up. Not much of a sunrise though.

But the skies did look lovely! After a few turns came home, had breakfast, then got ready to go to Funchal! As always when you get to funchal, you have sunshine and straight way I start getting very hot as if someone just plugged me in lol.

Madeira wine

Out out

Had a great day. We get picked up and off we go to the south side of the island, much better weather there!. We left Caniço with a fine drizzle, and as soon we spot Funchal, we have sunshine all the way to Estreito de Camera de Lobos where we visit the Christmas grotto….

Today was the last day for viewing this amazing grotto. Of course, we had to have a poncha it’s tradition, and one must keep up with tradition..

By now, it’s lunch time and of course it’s going to be a traditional lunch. meat on skewers cooked on an open fire served with all the treamings. Now at home feeling very happy and very full.


Arrived in Madeira few days ago so far we have had rain mist and sunshine but mostly we’ve had sunshine.

In the mornings and evening, it is on the cool side, but I have not felt the need for a heavy coat. The locals, on the other hand, go around with their coats and scarfs because for them, it is cold after all it is their winter.

Igreja da Sè

Winter away.

Now that Christmas is over its time for us to go back to the old homeland for a few more weeks. Christmas is a time for family.

My girls are my life and I just had to come home to celebrate Christmas with my babies. When my girls were little we used to spend Christmas with my sisters and their families now it’s only us…

And this time for a change we were able to celebrate hubbies birthday and our wedding anniversary at home. Our girls took us out for dinner bless them……


Our second walk in the new year!

It was a rather long and muddy one! The walk along the fields has always been my favourite done this walk many times before.

We have walked through the years and have been recording through our photography the changes that has been happening in our Essex countryside.