countryside beckons

Walking these days can be a little like hard work what with the water logged footpaths and muddy fields slipping and sliding, boots clogged up with mud. In January and Feb I’ve done my walk on the road a lot easier but not as interesting.

Last week my friend and I decided to take to the footpaths once again big mistake still very muddy but like good soldiers we carried on, so nice to see that spring has sprang the blackthorn is bursting into flower the primrose and dog violets too….while out in the countryside one can almost forget the difficult times we are going through.

Published by anarosarioferreia

Hi am new to WordPress I have arrived in England in the late sixties met my Husband and got married have two grown daughters and one very lively granddaughter. My life revolves around my family and walking through the countryside. Love gardening and cooking too.

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