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Same old same old

Here we are 2022 and two years have gone by and Covid still persists, and it has no intention of moving on! We are still living through this nightmare like a film in slow motion.

Christmas was a very quiet affair. We did have food and drink but not much laughter it all felt a little flat not much joy to be had! Even hubby who is the loudest was very quiet.

Living in a small village does help we have no crowds and the countryside is clove by, most mornings I go for a walk just down the road one can follow the many footpaths that we are lucky to have close by. I can walk for miles and Hardy see anyone, I find myself relaxing and for a few hours one can almost forget that our world is being devastated by a silent enemy.

We are thinking of going to the old Homeland it has been a while since my last visit. Let’s hope this virus will slow down so that we can go visit the Island where I was born.

Published by anarosarioferreia

Hi am new to WordPress I have arrived in England in the late sixties met my Husband and got married have two grown daughters and one very lively granddaughter. My life revolves around my family and walking through the countryside. Love gardening and cooking too.

2 thoughts on “Same old same old

  1. I think a lot of people are having to readjust to the old traditions just not being the same because of Covid and its impact on so many things. But we’ll come out of it and be fine. Just hang in there. Those solitary walks you can take near your home will help a lot. Time to think and ponder and enjoy life, one breath after the other.


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