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Now we are entering Autumn the season of mists and the scent of over ripe fruits permeats in the air. The days are getting shorter and the drop of temperature although at the moment still quite mild.

One can already see the signs, the leaves on the trees and hedges are slowly changing getting ready for the Autumnal drop.

Walking through the countryside with my camera snapping left and right at the amazing colours as you walk along the footpaths arriving in the woods the leaves underfoot crunching and with the chorus of the singing birds simply magic.

Walking through our footpaths through the year one can see and experience the seasons as it unfurls, my friend and I have seen the changes happening around our little village since we’ve started walking over 20 years ago.

We have lost one or two footpaths due to house building and the gravel extraction but we still manage to find enough ground for us to walk, sometimes we are lucky to have a glimpse at the wild life, and if we are fast enough we even manage to take a photo or two.


Published by anarosarioferreia

Hi am new to WordPress I have arrived in England in the late sixties met my Husband and got married have two grown daughters and one very lively granddaughter. My life revolves around my family and walking through the countryside. Love gardening and cooking too.

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