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Had a great day. We get picked up and off we go to the south side of the island, much better weather there!. We left Caniço with a fine drizzle, and as soon we spot Funchal, we have sunshine all the way to Estreito de Camera de Lobos where we visit the Christmas grotto….

Today was the last day for viewing this amazing grotto. Of course, we had to have a poncha it’s tradition, and one must keep up with tradition..

By now, it’s lunch time and of course it’s going to be a traditional lunch. meat on skewers cooked on an open fire served with all the treamings. Now at home feeling very happy and very full.


Published by anarosarioferreia

Hi am new to WordPress I have arrived in England in the late sixties met my Husband and got married have two grown daughters and one very lively granddaughter. My life revolves around my family and walking through the countryside. Love gardening and cooking too.

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