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Back home

Arrived home in Essex safe and sound. Weather, although wet! It feels quite mild. The garden looks a little sad. One of my camellias is in flower, but due to all the wet the buds are dropping.

Last levada walk

Just had one more levada walk. Two more days, and I’ll be leaving my little paradise. Loved being here, but am really looking forward to going home to see my girls missed them terribly! Although not looking forward to the cold!

International Women’s day

Today friends invited me out to lunch to celebrate international women’s day. Met up in the gardens in Funchal, then we took a taxi to the restaurant where we had a lovely meal. Feeling rather full! We decide to walk back into town…. It was quite a pleasant walk. Once again, we stopped at the…

My Island

Sixteen days left here on this beautiful island, my home, where I and my siblings grew up lots of memories. My Madeira has changed so much through the years. Growing up in a full house, I can still see in my minds eye a house full of laughter and hard work too! We are so…


Well one more year older!!! Hubby took me to my favourite fish restaurant right by the seafront. Where we had lovely fish dinner.

Ponta do sol

Ponta do sol was our stop for today’s visit! Been on this small village before but just at the seafront. This time, we’ve decided to explore a little further inland there is, a little Church up top to get there we had to climb a few steps. I like to think that I am fit…

Levada walk

Had the most amazing walk through the levadas (((irrigation))) I feel that I am rediscovering my Madeira all over again, Levada is a channel of water that runs through the mountains, delivering water to the farms or small holdings. The levadas were created for irrigation taking water from the wet north to the dry south…

Time for goodbye

Hard to believe that my friend Collette is going back home tomorrow! One week is not long enough, but it was really lovely, just the same. We had enough excitement! We’ve meandered in Funchal and sat in the gardens, my favourite place to seat and enjoy a coffee and yummy custard tart… surrounded by flowers.…

Still in Madeira

My friend Collette arrived on Friday so lovely to have her company. This morning, we had a brisk walk down by the seafront it was fresh, but we soon warmed up. After breakfast! We climb into hubby’s car, and off we go to Funchal, where we stop at the Municipal Gardens for a coffee and…


Yesterday arranged to meet up with a couple of friends. I’ve arrived a little early, so I went for a little walk and ended up by this park, not far from where I used to live. Wasn’t even sure if it was open to the public! It was, and I’ve spent an amazing half hour…


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