Having caught Covid on our first week has put a damper on our arrival. But now having recovered am hoping that the fun will start. Yesterday we went to Machico to meet our dear friends Ilda and Jaime they also have arrived from Canada. Now looking forward to the arrival of my cousin she tooContinue reading “Homeland”


Arrived in Madeira nearly two weeks now! Did a crossover to Porto Santo then back to Madeira. Not a good idea going to Porto Santo we left not knowing that we were bringing with us a stowaway! On Wednesday woken up with a bad head and sore throat! Hubby also was complaining that he hadContinue reading “Homeland”

Porto Santo

We arrived in Funchal on Friday and on Saturday we took the ferry to Porto Santo is has been many years since my last visit. It has become very popular over the years, awalys wanted to come over again and this time we’ve decided to jump on the ferry! What a surprise! For sure itContinue reading “Porto Santo”

Platinum celebrations

Silver End Village celebrating platinum jubilee 2022….Queen Elizabeth a great Lady beautiful inside and out. 70 years a great achievement not likely to be seen for years to come. Everyone in the community came out to enjoy and celebrate a great day, the sun was shining and the ladies at WI done a great jobContinue reading “Platinum celebrations”


Only now I feel my feet! My friends Paula Russel and I did a very long walk on Thursday to Pattiswick! We left our Village just before 7am walking through sheepcote Lane and followed the edge of the old airfield bypassing the quarry and crossing the new would be road to the incinerator that isContinue reading “Pattiswick”

Walk the countryside

Am still enjoying walking, although these day’s my feet suffer a little. My friend Paula and I do enjoy a long walk and it’s exciting when we find a new footpath. We always have our cameras with us it’s fun recording the changes of the seasons. We have noticed that insects has diminished we usedContinue reading “Walk the countryside”

A country walk

Our walk this morning started well! The sun was shining brightly as we walked down sheepcote lane. As we take to the first footpath my friend says! Is that a hare? Of course it was not only a hare but two, then they take of and a muntjac appears by then am kicking myself asContinue reading “A country walk”


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