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Having caught Covid on our first week has put a damper on our arrival. But now having recovered am hoping that the fun will start. Yesterday we went to Machico to meet our dear friends Ilda and Jaime they also have arrived from Canada. Now looking forward to the arrival of my cousin she tooContinue reading “Homeland”


Arrived in Madeira nearly two weeks now! Did a crossover to Porto Santo then back to Madeira. Not a good idea going to Porto Santo we left not knowing that we were bringing with us a stowaway! On Wednesday woken up with a bad head and sore throat! Hubby also was complaining that he hadContinue reading “Homeland”

A little bit of history

For many years I have passed by this old house and thinking what a shame it must’ve been a grand house at one time. Found out today that it was called Solar do Agrela and the building facing the sea is Forte dos Reis magos. So much history right under my nose. Caniço had variousContinue reading “A little bit of history”

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