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My Madeira

The seas has calmed down now! Still a little windy but much calmer. On Friday I did go to the market and came home loaded with vegetables also bought fish nothing tastes better than freshly caught fish. It has been so relaxing been catching up on my reading. In the morning I go for myContinue reading “My Madeira”

My island

It has been one week since our arrivel in Madeira! The weather has been a mixture of sunshine with a little rain thrown in. We arrived to a glorious sunny day. Saturday too was lovely but by Sunday things changed somewhat! We’ve been having tumultuous seas the foaming waves hitting the rocks its so awesomeContinue reading “My island”

The homeland

Here I find myself at my Island my Madeira….It has been a long time since my last visit due to this horrible virus we kept away, but now that we are here am thinking why was I so worried? It feels quite safe here, I feel safe! We arrived to glorious sunshine then on SundayContinue reading “The homeland”

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