Looks like it’s going to be a nice day. Decided to have a rest today, after walking for the past three days my feet needs a rest so today is going to be spent in the garden taking it easy, potting up my many seedlings.

For the past couple years I just don’t know what am doing wrong! Been sowing salads and other vegetables and nothing germinate.

So this year I did an experiment instead of placing the seeds in soil I placed them in a wet kitchen paper towel and placed another on top stored it all in a plastic container and it worked the tomato and chilli pepper germinated a treat, and the salads too are having the same treatment. Feeling happy.

Placed the wet tissue with the germinated chilly seeds in soil am so happy.

Published by anarosarioferreia

Hi am new to WordPress I have arrived in England in the late sixties met my Husband and got married have two grown daughters and one very lively granddaughter. My life revolves around my family and walking through the countryside. Love gardening and cooking too.

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